• Microcontent and Live-Streaming Services

À la carte services


À la carte services

  • Express turnaround: Add 10% to any service fee for 24hours less turnaround time!
  • Show Notes: $40 an episode
    • Our Show Notes service includes 2-4 paragraphs (200-400 words) of keyword rich words that summarize your episode, time stamps to discussion points, and outbound links to any resources mentioned.
  • Video podcasting Services: NEG
    • Attract even more potential customers by adding a video component to your podcast!
    • GEN takes your video, slides or pictures and creates video content that can be posted on YouTube, Facebook and/or your company website!
    • Includes audio/video syncing, tagging and more!
  • Transcription of content: $1.50 per minute of edited audio
    • professional transcription at competitive rates. We provide downloadable PDFs of each transcript. Our standard rate includes up to two speakers with light or no foreign accent. Additional rates apply for more speakers or foreign accents.
  • Live Streaming: NEG
    • Just want to live stream an event and have it save to a channel and/or site?
  • Engagement Broadcasting Services: NEG
    • Connect your brand with potential consumers on an unprecedented level with GEN and Engagement Broadcasting!
    • Through the potential to combine multiple live streams, video, slides and audio into a live broadcast, GEN allows your on-air brand ambassador(s) to receive real-time feedback on the content you’re broadcasting!
      • Through social media monitoring and YouTube chat moderation, GEN’s Engagement Broadcasting services remove the clutter by pulling out and highlighting the most relevant and pertinent questions and comments your audience members are giving.
    • We provide you with the analytics to your live stream so you can analyze your received demographics


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