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  • Connect your brand with potential consumers on an unprecedented level with GEN and Engagement Broadcasting!
  • Through the potential to combine multiple live streams, video, slides and audio into a live broadcast, GEN allows your on-air brand ambassador(s) to receive real-time feedback on the content you’re broadcasting!
    • Through social media monitoring and YouTube chat moderation, GEN’s Engagement Broadcasting services remove the clutter by pulling out and highlighting the most relevant and pertinent questions and comments your audience members are giving.
  • We provide you with the analytics to your live stream so you can analyze your received demographics

Now is a great time to start thinking about ways to stand out from the online crowd. Whether your concerned with the political zeitgeist of the moment and want your voice to be heard or you have business interests looking to expand their brand beyond their competitors reach, GEN can help guide you towards that next level of engagement!


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